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Monday, October 26, 2015

A RoosterFin Game Night Review!

I love trying new products, and love it even more if it means I get to do so for free and with friends! That's why I'm so excited about Tryazon, a new marketing company that connects brands with customers to help spread the word about exciting new products and services. Recently I hosted a game night using games from a company called RoosterFin, which they sent me to try for free in exchange for my review. This was the perfect fit for my family, because we are crazy about game night. I received three games from RoosterFin: Lumpy Cubes, Mohawkz, and Rooster Race. They were each played by adults and four kids ages 5 to 8. We took them to a picnic at the local park, and played them after dinner.

Lumpy Cubes is a memory-based game for 2-4 players. Each player is given four cubes that have faces on the sides. A card is drawn from the center that shows a pattern of four faces in a particular order. You have a few moments to memorize the order, then everyone races to try to put their own cubes in the matching order. This was a fun game and the kids and adults enjoyed it, but it doesn't have enough variety to hold an adult's attention for long. Eventually it was just the kids playing, and because its a game that requires quick thinking and memory skills, the older kids had a distinct advantage over the younger ones, and the younger ones ended up in tears. We quickly switched to another game, but since the party, this game has been the one my kids have gone back to the most because its simple, no set up required, and the cubes are just fun. My youngest is only 2, and although she can't play the game, she has had a lot of fun practicing her fine motor skills by stacking the blocks!

Rooster Race is a game that requires little skill and a lot of luck, so its a big hit with kids, especially since its the kind of game they can play against adults and still win. Adults and kids both had fun with this one. It involves a stack of cards that are distributed to each player, but the player does not look at their cards. A card is placed face up in the middle, and the first player to go has to guess whether the card they flip from their own hand will be higher or lower than the card in the middle. If they're right, they get a little plastic corn on the cob. If they're wrong, they have to give up a corn from their own stash. At the end of the game, whoever has the most corn wins. Its simple, and as long as your child understands "higher" and "lower" and knows a little bit about likelihood, then this game will be a hit.

Mohawkz is a simple game but requires some fairly sophisticated fine motor skills. The pieces are small balls like tennis balls but with faces and mohawk hair-dos. The object of the game is simply to bounce the pieces into a little goal, sort of like a very mini game of basketball. Because of the mohawks on the balls, they don't bounce straight, so its a bit of skill and a bit of luck to get them in the goal. The kids at the party loved this game as long as we didn't keep score, but when keeping score they were frustrated by it. However, by this time the adults were taking over the game, and in fact it was the dads at the party who ended up playing it the longest.

You can find RoosterFin's full line of games on If you haven't heard of Tryazon, you should check them out!