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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt!

Ru is 4 1/2 years old and has been reading independently for several months. I wanted to think of a Valentine's Day activity that would be fun but also challenging so I threw together this scavenger hunt. She has to read the clues and figure out where the next one is located. Do you have any special Valentine's activities for your little ones? How about ideas for better clues for my hunt...?

1. (This clue is given to Ruby when she finishes breakfast)
It's time for Ruby
To play a game.
Find the place
Where magnets spell your name.

2. (On the refrigerator by the magnets)
Now is the time
To find the place
Where your daddy
Washes his face!

3. (By Daddy's sink)
Now go to the place
Where you sit to eat
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
And dessert that's sweet!

4. (By her stool at the table)
Now go to the room
Where you take your bath;
Where Mommy and Daddy
Remind you not to splash!

5. (In the tub)
Find the room
Where the laundry goes.
Then look in the place
Where we dry our clothes.

6. (In the dryer)
Now go to the place
Where Ru sleeps.
Where she says her prayers
And closes her peeps.

7. (In Ru's bed)
Take a minute
To stop and think:
Where do you go
When you need a drink?

8. (In the fridge)
This is your last clue.
There won't be any more!
Your surprise is waiting
Outside the front _____!

For the final clue she has to figure out the rhyme and location... of course its the front door =)